Learning & Loving It: Math Card Games Part 3

Learning & Loving It is a series featuring simple, yet fun educational activities for home learning and virtual, interactive tutoring.

LRC Learning and Loving It

Try this final game in our “Math Cards” series!

LRC LLI Math Cards Greatest Number

The Greatest Number


  • Third grade and up
  • 2 or more players
  • Students will recognize numbers, practice putting them in order from greatest to least, and identify place value.


    One deck of playing cards (with face cards removed)

    Activity Overview

    1. One player deals the cards evenly between the players. Players place their cards in a stack facedown in front of them.
    2. Each player turns over four cards.
    3. Players arrange their cards to make the greatest possible four-digit number.
    4. Players read their numbers aloud and decide which number is greater.
    5. The player with the greatest number wins all the cards from that round and places them in a separate pile.
    6. Play continues until all the cards have been used.
    7. The player with the most cards in their pile wins the game.
    Variation: Use three or five cards to create the number with the greatest value for lower or higher levels. Try creating the number with the least value instead.
    Check to see the video demonstration.
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