Director’s Thoughts – October 2020

LRC can help! And…YOU can help!

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Halloween is not the only October date bringing thoughts of fun, but scary times.
As the first nine weeks (first quarter) of the school year ends on October 22, 2020, and the second grading period begins, blessings and concerns abound–thankfulness that students are returning safely to learning either in a classroom or on an electronic device with great Polk County educators. The concerns lie in the physical and mental health of our children, but also in their ACADEMIC health. Researchers are calling it the “COVID Slide.” They are attributing this to the loss of much direct instruction in the final three months of the past school year and reduced availability of and access to summer programs. The prediction is that many students will lose more than a year of skill and concept retention. More than ever, children who are struggling need immediate and intensive interventions to CATCH UP, GET AHEAD, and STAY AHEAD!
LRC is offering learning hubs and one-to-one tutoring—virtually and in-person. Look for upcoming LRC after-school programs throughout Polk County. We always have our arms outstretched for help—more highly qualified tutors and instructors, more community volunteers, and, of course, more financial resources. LRC can help! And…YOU can help!
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