Learning & Loving It: BINGO

Learning & Loving It is a series featuring simple, yet fun educational activities for home learning and virtual, interactive tutoring.

LRC Learning and Loving It
LRC Math Bingo
1. Create the Bingo components:

master card, player’s card, individual pieces, tokens (can be markers, bottle caps, paper clips, poker chips, pennies, etc.)

2. Set Rules: Bingo can be—

    a. Straight: 5 spaces are covered with a token in a straight line—across, down, diagonal

    b. Full House: Every space is covered with a token

    c. Picture Frame: Spaces in outside borders are covered with a token

    d. Other variations, such as the cross, the X.

3. To Start: Player places token on Free Space; caller places individual pieces in a container, such as a Solo Cup, and thoroughly mixes.

4. Caller draws an individual piece, and player places token on the matching space on his player’s card.

5. Player shouts out “Bingo” when pre-determined spaces are covered
Note: This game works incredibly well with children (and adults) of all ages– sight vocabulary words for the younger child; math facts and algebra problems or science for the middle school student; or foreign languages or history facts for the older student. It can be played with partners or groups. Students have fun creating their own cards and pieces.

  • Download a blank BINGO board here.
  • Click here to download a sample BINGO card. 

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