Learning & Loving It: Hit the Target Math Card Game

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LRC Learning and Loving It

Hit the Target Math Card Game

Hit the Target




  • Second grade and up
  • 2 or more players
  • Students will recognize numbers and practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and/or division

    One deck of playing cards

    Activity Overview

    In this game, face cards will equal 10. Aces will either be worth one or 11; decide this before you begin play.

    Goal: To use as many of the five cards to equal the target number each round–at least two must be used or the player will lose their turn.

    1. Lay out five cards face up.
    2. Flip the next card, which will be the target number card for that round.
    3. Player 1 may add, subtract, multiply or divide using cards from the five to hit the target number.
    4. Player 1 will take all of the cards from their equations plus the target number card.
    5. Replace cards by flipping over five new ones and a new target number card for Player 2.
    6. Player 2 takes their turn.
    7. Players take turns until fewer than six cards remain.

    The player with the most cards wins.

    Check to see the video demonstration.

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