Learning & Loving It: Egg Activities

Learning & Loving It is a series featuring simple, yet fun educational activities for home learning and virtual, interactive tutoring.

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“Egg-Citing” Egg Activities for Reading & Math

Easter may be over, but don’t pack away those plastic eggs! We have “egg-citing” ideas for tutors, teachers and parents to use for learning.

Supplies: Plastic eggs, Sharpie marker, optional word family list (see attachment)

Spinning Eggs

Spinning Egg

    For skills in both and reading and math

  • For reading practice, make these eggs using word families to build new words at the egg is turned.
  • Ex: the “_at” family and can use letters like “b” to make “bat” or “c” to make “cat”.
    Optional activities with spinning eggs:

  • Make eggs using math fact families such as “5+4=” and “3+6=” “9”
  • For competitive students, time them saying the words and have them try to beat their personal best


Break-Apart Eggs

Break Apart Eggs

    For skills in both reading and math

  • With this activity, you’ll write a word (or letter) on the top half and a word (or letter) on the lower half.
  • Ex: upper/lower case letters, synonyms/antonyms, compound words, contractions, math facts, number recognition, etc.
    Then, you’ll break the eggs apart and either mix them up or hid the halves and have students match them to put them back together again.

Download your word family list here.
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