Learning & Loving It: Retelling Bracelet

Learning & Loving It is a series featuring simple, yet fun educational activities for home learning and virtual, interactive tutoring.

LRC Learning and Loving It

Rainbow Retelling Bracelet

This colorful bracelet will help a child retell the story they just listened to or read and can be used by tutors, teachers and parents. (Adapted from Growing Book by Book)

Supplies: String or plastic lacing, 6 stringing beads (red, orange, yellow green, blue, purple would work best)  
optional- a strip of paper and crayons to color a rainbow if you do not have beads/string

LRC retelling bracelet

Putting it together

    1. Measure the string or lacing for the correct size to fit the child’s wrist.
    2. String the bead by placing the colors in rainbow order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
    3. Tie the string together with a knot.
    If you don’t have string or beads, you may make a bracelet with paper and crayons, colored pencils or markers. Just cut the strip to fit their wrist, and color lines across the width to match the colors of the rainbow. (See image above)


Retelling the story

    Slide one bead over at a time, or put a finger on one colored line, beginning with red. Use prompts to ask questions with each bead.



    R= Ready to hear a retelling of the story? The characters in the story are…
    O= On to where the story took place (setting)
    Y= You have to hear the problem… (something that happens that needs to be fixed)
    G= Get ready for a few more details… (major events)
    B= Better start bringing it to a close and telling you how the problem was solved…
    P= Picking my favorite part is easy. It was when…

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