Learning & Loving It: Twister Game

Learning & Loving It is a series featuring simple, yet fun educational activities for home learning and virtual, interactive tutoring.

LRC Learning and Loving It

A Spin on Twister

Add a layer of learning to classic games that you already own. For this activity, we’ll add a math “spin” to the classic game of Twister. When students are fully engaged, they are learning, and by using games they already love, it makes it easy to add enrichment or reinforcement of basic skills.

Supplies: Twister board game (mat & spinner; could also make your own with online spinner and colored paper for dots), paper & marker to write numbers

Putting it together

    1. Set out the game mat, and grab the spinner
    2. Grab four sheets of paper (red, blue, yellow, green to match game colors)
    3. Select four numbers for player/s to create math facts from and write one number on each piece of paper


How to Play

    1. Spin the wheel
    2. Designate a number to correspond with each color (ex. Red 12, Blue 10, Yellow 9, Green 11)
    3. Before placing a hand/foot on board, player will call out a basic math fact that corresponds to color’s number (Use: +, -, x, / depending on player’s level) (ex. 9+3=12 for red)



  • Set flashcards on each Twister dot; Student will answer the fact before placing their hand/foot on board
  • For intermediate or middle school students, ask them to create an equation with three numbers (ex. for red: (5×3)-3=12 )

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