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Learning & Loving It: Math Card Games Part 2

Learning & Loving It is a series featuring simple, yet fun educational activities for home learning and virtual, interactive tutoring.

LRC Learning and Loving It

Try these two games in our “Math Cards” series!

LRC LLI Math Cards What is the value

What’s the Value?


  • For grades kindergarten through second
  • 1-2 players
  • Students will recognize numbers and practice counting as well as addition or subtraction if older.


    One deck of playing cards (with face cards removed); manipulatives (ex. beads, pennies, skittles, etc.)

    Activity Overview

    1. Have the first student turn over a card.
    2. The student will then count out the number of manipulatives represented by the number on the card.
    3. If there are two players, the second player takes their turn.
    Variation: Each player can also state the difference (subtraction), sum (addition) or product (multiplication), adding or removing tokens to reflect the amount, on their turn.
    LRC LLI Math Cards Card Countdown

    Card Countdown


  • For second grade and older
  • 2 players
  • Students will build automaticity with subtraction.


    Two decks of playing cards (without face cards); pencil; Card Countdown Sheet

    Activity Overview

    1. Each player takes a deck of cards. Players stack their cards face down.
    2. At the same time, players draw the top card from their piles.
    3. Players record their own number in the subtract column on the countdown sheet.
    4. They then subtract the value from 100 and record the difference at the top of the “=” column.
    5. Players continue to draw cards, subtract and record answers, working as quickly and accurately as possible at their own pace.
    6. Continue until either both reach zero or a negative number or, if racing, until the first player reaches zero or a negative number.
    Check to see the video demonstration.
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