Learning & Loving It: Give Me Ten Math Card Game

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LRC Learning and Loving It

Give me ten math card game

Give Me Ten




  • First grade and older
  • 2 or more players
  • Students will recognize numbers and practice basic addition

    One deck of playing cards

    Activity Overview

    Remove all face cards before playing. Aces are worth one.

    Objective: Players will take turns finding and removing combinations of cards that add to 10.

    1. Deal 10 cards face up.
    2. From the 10 cards, Player 1 will try to find as many card combinations (using two cards) that will add to 10.
    3. When there are no more combinations left, Player 1 will keep all of the cards used for their equations.
    4. If there is a 10 card, the player will take that card as well.
    5. Replace the cards that were removed so that there are ten cards face up again.
    6. Player 2 will take their turn.
    7. Alternate turns until a player reaches the decided score (1 card=1 point).

    The player with the most cards/points wins.

    Variation: Find three cards that add up to a target number (such as 20).

    Check to see the video demonstration.

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