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January-February Edition

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The future faculty of a new elementary school developed a list of accomplishments for which they wanted to work and gain with their students. Can you guess what rose to Number One? To be kind!

These are indeed critical times in the lives of our children. Families had to cope with the effects of COVID; schools had to pause and rearrange; parents had to assist with navigating online learning; and communities had to come together to provide food and housing. But, there is an end, a tomorrow, a future. If “to be kind” is at the top of each of our lists, we can start right now at getting on with the days and ways in which our children can thrive once again.

And, just a reminder as the First Semester of 2020-2021 comes to an end, the Learning Resource Center is poised and ready to help in any way possible so that every child (or adult) can be as successful in school as he or she can be. LRC continues to honor deeply discounted rates until the end of the school year. United Way of Central Florida has extended its allocation. In the past few months, donors have been kind and generous, building up the LRC scholarship fund so that deserving students can receive the additional academic help that they need. We Can Help!

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In the month of January, Learning Resource Center students received 1,061 hours of tutoring, with a Year-To-Date Total of 6,340 hours (the YTD totals start over every July). New and ongoing students tutored during the month of January equaled 313 students.
January 2017 LRC Tutor Report
Thanks to all of our tutors and students for your time, efforts, and hard work. It’s paying off!
If you’re interested in participating in One-to-One Tutoring, please visit LRCPolk.com/programs/one-to-one-tutoring.
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The 21st Annual Lakeland PigFest is just around the corner!


The festival will take place on Friday, January 27 from 5-10 p.m. and Saturday, January 28 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Due to the renovations taking place at TigerTown, it has been moved to the Sun ‘n Fun campus, offering competitors and attendees more space to browse the area and enjoy the festivities.
The new site will also allow for easier parking, which will remain at $5.00 per carload. Admission will be free, but prices for food will vary by vendor.
The competition will heat up with the Kingsford Professional BBQ, Publix Super Markets Backyard and Badcock Kids-Q competitions.
Photo: LakelandPigFest.org


What attendees may not realize is that PigFest takes hundreds of volunteers and thousands of volunteer hours to help carry out the event, and local nonprofits, such as the Learning Resource Center, partner to provide the needed amount of volunteers. PigFest then gives every dollar raised back to the community!
By granting the Learning Resource Center opportunities and funds based on service hours, PigFest has helped provide academic assistance and highly-qualified tutors to help students succeed and has also enabled LRC to meet the needs of students, parents and the community by aiding in the expenses of daily operation. The effect this annual barbeque festival has had on LRC reaches every aspect of the organization. Those who received any service from LRC in 2016 were impacted by its support.


With that being said, LRC is seeking 2017 individuals, pairs and groups to volunteer. Volunteers are needed for shifts taking place in the judging, team breakfast and golf cart shuttling areas. Shifts are available Thursday, January 26-Saturday, January 28. To view the available shifts and to register, please click VOLUNTEER AT PIGFEST.
We look forward to seeing you there! Whether you’re a competitor, attendee or volunteer, it’s sure be a fun weekend.
Information for PigFest Volunteers
PigFest17 Map
PigFest17 Parking pass
Golf Cart Driver Info