Director’s Thoughts – November 2020

‘Tis the season to be thankful!

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Although the LRC Staff and Boards are grateful 24/7 and 365 days for each and every person who shares his or her talents, time, and resources, this holiday season offers the perfect opportunity to say “Thank You” once more. As a nonprofit in a COVID-19 world, this year has been far from easy. This organization has applied for and been blessed with two Relief Fund allocations. With that support, LRC has been able to persevere in serving this community with quality academic instruction—virtually and in person safely—although to far fewer students. Parents who are facing job or food insecurity do not seek out tutoring. Schools having to spend discretionary funds for additional protection and safety are not able to offer supplemental after-school programs. However, you have provided scholarships and funding for many students who would have continued to struggle.
Alexander is one of those students. He had been described as non-verbal and non-social, and school officials predicted that he could not function in a regular classroom. I first met this 5-year-old crawling under a table at Camp READY!, LRC’s award-winning summer program that prepares students for that first day of kindergarten. By the next visit, with the caring expertise of the camp professionals, Alexander was gradually participating, pointing to or touching words when prompted, although still sitting by himself. By the end of the four weeks, he was saying words and forming sentences, listening and engaging with other students—he even asked to be a line leader. He entered kindergarten last fall and zoomed to the top of his class. It was with your support through United Way and LRC fundraising projects that this program was available to Alexander. This is just one of many stories we love to retell about the successes of LRC students. None of which would be possible without YOU!
May you and your family enjoy a lovely and blessed Thankful Season!
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