LRC Goes to Collegiate High School

LRC offered ACT Prep and College & Career Planning to COL students

collegiate high school act course august 2016
collegiate high school act course august 2016-2
Two views of Dr. Jenny Reed’s ACT Prep class at Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School.
Among the students returning to Polk County School classrooms, over 200 high school juniors and seniors entered classrooms taught by Learning Resource Center instructors. LRC faculty taught classes in ACT Preparation and College & Career Planning at Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School.
COL is a public school chartered by Polk State College on its Winter Haven campus, and its students are enrolled in both high school and college classes. Since PSC faculty does not return until next week, LRC was invited to run mini-courses, offering enrichment not often an option in the regular schedule.
Principal Bridget Fetter utilized a mismatch in scheduling to provide a propitious opportunity for students to improve their critical test-taking skills and to take time to explore education goals and career paths.

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