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Many people may think solely of younger ones when it comes to focusing on learning gains and healthy habits over the summer. While it is valuable for the younger youth, we can’t forget about tweens and teens. It is important to keep all students of all ages learning over the summer. At the Learning Resource Center, we also offer summer programs for older youth that include SAT Test Preparation, ACT Test Preparation, College Success Planning, Study Habits of Successful Students, and One-to-One Tutoring. In addition to our summer learning opportunities, check out these fantastic tips below provided by the National Summer Learning Association to help keep the tweens and teens in your life learning this season.

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Get the “competitive edge” with college success planning and the Learning Resource Center. High school students in grades 9-12 should consider this course to not only gain the skills needed for college, but to ensure that they are well-equipped for the next major step of their lives.
Get the Competitive Edge…College Success Planning provides participants with study skills and motivational strategies preparing them to become more effective learners before advancing to college.
Students who attend will learn and practice time-tested, effective and efficient study strategies, as well as concrete techniques to get the competitive edge necessary for college. The course provides small classes with activity-oriented lessons to help students develop the study habits of successful students.
This course also offers added benefits of quality instruction from certified instructors and personalized Learning Styles Inventories to help each student succeed.
The topics that will be covered include: test-taking, building memory, reading and note-taking with a purpose, time management, and successful transitions in addition to other crucial study skills. All of these skills are not only essential for college, but are both useful before and after college, as well.
Get the Competitive Edge…College Success Planning will take place Monday, July 13-Friday, July 17, 2015 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. at the Learning Resource Center located at 1628 South Florida Avenue in Lakeland. The cost of the program is $145.00. Be sure to ask about our sliding fee scales based on gross family income.


Register online at lrcpolk.com/programs/college-success-planning or by calling LRC at 863-688-9477 to reserve your place and start your journey on the path to success!

While we agree that it is important to #KeepKidsLearning over the summer, it is also necessary to note the importance of keeping kids active and healthy during the summer months. Without the structure and resources of the school year, children are at a greater risk of unhealthy habits during the summer months. Thanks to the National Summer Learning Association, here are nine ideas for keep kids both active and healthy this season.
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