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It has been shown that children can lose up to two months of essential math and reading skills during the summer months. At the Learning Resource Center, we offer quality summer learning opportunities so that students won’t lose the skills he or she worked hard at in school and to help #KeepKidsLearning.
If your child isn’t part of one of our summer programs, or even if they are, check out these 10 tips for parents to help keep your child’s mind active while school is out provided by the National Summer Learning Association.

10 Summer Learning Tips for Parents

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summer learning tips for parents
1. Read. Read. Read.
2. Have fun with numbers.
3.Turn off the TV! Turn off the screens!
4. Make art!
5. Experiment! Do science!
6. Eat smart. Eat healthy.
7. Get outside.
8. Go to a museum — again and again.
9. Read a poem.
10. Go to sleep.
Which strategies are already part of your child’s summer, and which do you plan to implement?

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