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All children have potential. Not all children have opportunity.

Small and wiry, 5-year old Brandon raced from one room to another on his first morning of summer camp. It quickly became evident that this spirited young boy had difficulty following directions and sitting still to focus was almost impossible. He was unsure of his letters, sounds, shapes and numbers and this made it even more difficult to focus and participate in learning games. Early assessments showed that both his receptive vocabulary (words familiar and understood when heard) and his expressive vocabulary (words chosen to communicate) were below expectations for his age. Brandon was also hesitant to associate with the other campers and did not want to share.
Over the next few weeks, Brandon would have many challenges to overcome. The four learning centers gave him plenty of opportunities to practice new and previously learned skills. Camp Instructors worked with him individually to improve his recognition of shapes, improve his vocabulary skills and gave him the leadership responsibility of line leader with clear instructions of his duties.  Brandon took his task seriously and excelled. As Camp progressed, it was noted that Brandon was developing friendships, often actually sitting and sharing a book with another child while waiting for Parent pick-up. Brandon’s end-of-camp assessment showed that he had grown more than eight months in working vocabulary, a significant gain for a 5-year old.
And, the success has held for Brandon. Wearing a huge smile, his mom proudly shared a recent kindergarten report card which clearly indicated Brandon’s grade level achievement with all As and Bs.  School Readiness is a critical factor in a student’s success.  Children who start kindergarten with age-appropriate language skills, learn to read, pass their 3rd Grade Standardized Tests and are more likely to graduate high school.
Brandon attended LRC’s Camp READY!, a summer learning program for rising and repeating kindergartners.
This article can be found at UWCF.org where it was originally published. Photo credit: United Way of Central Florida
United Way of Central Florida and the Learning Resource Center work together in a valued partnership to produce lasting change through education and help all students maximize their learning potential.

We are inviting all elementary-level students, grades K-5, to join us this summer for our Super Summer Success program. June and July are the perfect opportunities for students to brush up on skills and develop new ones before the next school year begins. Super Summer Success offers students a fun way to gain those important skills in reading and math. This Learning Resource Center program builds confident, successful students through time-tested best practices!


Students who have completed grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 are invited to attend on June 15-July 9, 2015 from 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. at Highland City Elementary. Students who attend will enjoy high-interest, hands-on lessons, explore math through writing and drawing, engage in cooking and creative arts projects, and participate in read-and-respond activities. Students will also create Make-and-Take Projects on key ideas, reinforce skills through interaction and review, and savor brain-healthy snacks to keep their energy up.


The cost to attend is $395.00. Fee reduction is available based on gross annual household income. Be sure to ask about our sliding fees scale. To register, call 863-688-9477 or download the brochure when you click: 2015 Super Summer Success Brochure.


LRC’s commitment to your child’s success ensures that your student will receive quality instruction from certified, highly qualified teachers in a small group setting of no more than 10 students per class. You will be glad your child participated in this rewarding experience, and we are sure he or she will be, too!