Take adventure to the next level at Camp Discovery

Join LRC and All Saints Academy for weekly academic adventures at Camp Discovery!

Camp Discovery grants students entering first though fifth grade in Fall 2018 the opportunity to examine, inquire and create from the world around them through individual, week-long adventures. These science-themed camps also challenge students to use critical thinking, reading, writing, science and math skills, allowing them to gain and grow important skills in an effort to prevent summer learning loss.
Each week presents a new theme that is useful and relevant to students. The remaining two themes are listed below.
LRC Camp Discovery

Camp Themes

Week 3, June 18-22
Dream It, Build It, Win It– Create structures and devices with common and recycled materials for friendly competition.
Week 4, June 25-29
Game World– Design and play board games, carnival games, minute-to-win-it challenges and video games using Scratch and Hour of Code.
A new camp runs weekly, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at All Saints Academy located at 5001 State Road 540 in Winter Haven.
Select the dates your child would like to attend or register for both! The cost per week is $230.
To reserve your child’s place, don’t delay! Do so today by clicking: Summer Programs or call LRC at 863-688-9477 for more details and to learn about our sliding fee scale based on gross family income.

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