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Find Polk County Public School dates including first and last days, student holidays and early release days here! Interested in assessment dates for the 2018-2019 school year? Scroll down for a list of significant calendar dates affecting your PCSB student.

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August 13 (Monday) First day of school
September 3 (Monday) School Holiday- Labor Day
September 12 (Wednesday) EARLY RELEASE DAY
September 17 (Monday) Student Holiday
October 3 (Wednesday) EARLY RELEASE DAY
October 15 (Monday) Student Holiday
November 7 (Wednesday) EARLY RELEASE DAY
November 12 (Monday) School Holiday – Veterans’ Day
November 19-23 (Mon-Fri) School Holiday – Thanksgiving Break
December 24-January 4 School Holiday – Winter Break



January 7 (Monday) First day back after Winter Break
January 16 (Wednesday) EARLY RELEASE DAY
January 21 (Monday) School Holiday – MLK, Jr. Day
February 6 (Wednesday) EARLY RELEASE DAY
February 18 (Monday) School Holiday – Presidents’ Day
March 13 (Wednesday) EARLY RELEASE DAY
March 25-29 (Mon-Fri) School Holiday – Spring Break
April 19 (Friday) Student Holiday
April 24 (Wednesday) EARLY RELEASE DAY
May 27 (Monday) School Holiday – Memorial Day
May 30 (Thursday) Last day of school

For more information on the school calendar, upcoming events or Polk school information, please visit the Polk County Public Schools website where we obtained this information.

2018-2019 Assessment Schedule

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