This Giving Tuesday, give students the gift of education!

Whether they’re learning to read or preparing for the SAT, our students rely on your support as they learn, grow, and develop important skills. Every dollar you give will go toward maintaining and upgrading the tools and facilities students and tutors use every day.

Give the gift of education on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 30.

When you walk through the Learning Resource Center, listen closely. You’ll hear students and tutors murmuring to each other as they explore science and writing. Childrens’ laughter echoes through the halls as they play games that teach them math skills. An SAT prep course is taking place in one of the bigger rooms, and program staff are planning lessons for a local school’s after-school program down the hall.

All of the rooms, games, and resources the students and their tutors use every day are available because of support from people like you! There’s something here for everyone—just ask Diane Oropeza, who’s been a tutor at LRC for eight years.

“It is the most welcoming and student-centered location to work with children who may have a learning difference or difficulty in concentrating during sessions,” says Diane. She says her children feel safe at LRC and continue to learn and improve with the help of tutors and staff. They feel appreciated and cared for—tutors and staff even celebrate students’ birthdays!

Students, tutors, parents, and staff all depend on Learning Resource Center’s facilities to learn, study, and grow. Would you help continue to support students by donating to Learning Resource Center this Giving Tuesday?

Everything Diane and her students enjoy, from the library full of books to the private tutoring rooms, is possible because of support from people like you. Every dollar you give will help us maintain and upgrade our facilities so students and tutors can continue to have a comfortable place to learn together.

This Giving Tuesday, we hope you’ll support our students and the people who are working to help them learn and grow. When you donate today, you’re building a safe, friendly place where students can go to learn, develop life skills, and experience the unique support our team and tutors provide. Every dollar makes a difference—make your gift today!

Thank you for thinking of us this Giving Tuesday. We appreciate you!

P.S. You can help make an even bigger difference this Giving Tuesday! Visit this page to make your gift, then share your experiences with LRC with us and with your family and friends.

When you donate to LRC this Giving Tuesday, you’re helping us keep our building a friendly place for students to learn. But what does that mean, exactly?

You’ll help students by:

  • Making important updates to LRC’s facilities, including the rooms and bathrooms our students, tutors, and staff use every day
  • Maintaining different parts of our building that need attention, including staircases and our parking lot.

  • Enabling us to make repairs and upgrades to our sign, which will make it easier for parents to find our building (if you’ve ever had to do a u-turn on South Florida or drive around the block after missing our entrance, you know how important this can be!)
  • Providing tools, games, books, and other resources to our students.