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What assessment(s) do you give students? How does LRC assess students’ academic level? How does a tutor know where to start with a student?

a. LRC requests student records from school: Assessment data, IEPs, Psychological/Staffing forms, current grade reports, and teacher checklists.

b. LRC can offer grade-level assessments, such as the BASIS for a small fee. This assessment does not diagnose learning disabilities, only grade level functionality.

c. Program Managers compile school records, teacher checklist, and parent input to formulate a Prescriptive Plan for each student.


How many hours does LRC require? Is there a contract?

a. LRC does not require parents to sign a contractual agreement for a set number of instructional hours. LRC suggests struggling students receive two hours per week of supplemental academic instruction. Research shows that students who are 1 year behind in academics need 30-36 hours of intensive supplemental academic instruction in order to catch up.

b. LRC requires four weeks of tutoring to be paid in advance before tutoring begins.

c. Parents can choose one hour or two hours per week. Program Managers and tutors will consult with parents on a suggested number of hours.


Where will tutoring take place?

a. LRC is a community-based organization. Tutoring may take place at any of the following locations: LRC, public library, school (with permission from principal), local business, church, tutor’s home, etc.

b. Tutoring may NOT take place at the student’s home.


What program does LRC use?

a. LRC has a well-stocked, research-based library of curriculum available for tutors to use. Tutors may also use instructional materials from their personal education libraries, as well as materials your student brings from school.

b. LRC takes a multi-sensory approach to learning, meaning that tutors will use hands-on learning strategies to teach students the skills they are striving to acquire.


Does LRC offer an FCAT class?

a. LRC offers one-to-one tutoring in many subject areas, including subjects which are FCAT focused. Tutoring can be tailored to meet your student’s specific learning needs.


Are LRC tutors certified teachers?

a. Many LRC tutors are currently certified teachers. LRC also employs retired teachers, substitute teachers, some paraprofessionals, and college students in their last year of an education major. LRC also employs several tutors with an expertise in specific subject areas such as upper level math, business/accounting, etc.


What day/times will I bring my child to tutoring?

a. The tutoring schedule is determined by the parent and tutor. If the parent has specific scheduling needs, it is helpful to communicate those needs to LRC Program Managers before a tutor is assigned.


How will I know my child is making progress?

a. LRC tutors complete monthly logs of all activities and student progress. After 10 hours of instruction, LRC will send a formal report, called Program Outcomes, to parents, tutors, and classroom teachers.


How much does tutoring cost?

a. LRC is a non-profit, United Way agency. As such, all fees are based on the gross, annual, household income and are offered on a sliding-fee scale.


Can I attend tutoring sessions with my student?

a. LRC encourages parents to meet their student’s tutor and get to know them before and after tutoring sessions. However, a parent’s presence during a tutoring session often distracts the student from the task at hand. Parents are welcome to stay nearby. However, parents are asked to keep their distance during sessions.


How long does it take to start tutoring?

a. The process of assigning a tutor begins when the parent returns the Educational Services Information Packet with the required fees. Program Managers analyze the information in the packet and make a match with tutors. Typically, it takes approximately one week to assign a tutor. In some situations, depending on circumstances, it can take longer.


Can I choose my student’s tutor?

a. If you would like to request a certain tutor due to recommendations or past experience, LRC welcomes your input.

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